Sean Nurse

Freelance Graphic, Web Designer, Video Editor, Photographer

About Me

My name is Sean Nurse and I am a Graphic & Web Designer.
I have worked on a variety of media projects both professionally and as a freelancer.
Currently, I have a focus on web design projects.

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Featured Websites

Farther Image

Farther Image

Farther Image is a Graphic Design Agency that I am the co-owner of. The Agency is a collaboration of two designers with different specialties to accomplish more than they could alone. Together, we complete a wide range of projects in print, web, video, and photograpthy.


Solargy Power Systems

Solargy is a website I worked on that I am very proud of. The company provides Solar Power systems and various other forms of renewable energy. In additon to their website, I was able to redesign their logo for them and they continue to use this version of the logo.